Golden rules of dating younger women

Different folks, different strokes. So that is why even though age is just a number, dating women younger than you can get a bit difficult. Aside from the obvious gap, most of the time, your views on some issues are different and may cause some miscommunication if you do not express yourselves that well. But do not fret, here are some rules that you should follow when dating younger women.


Golden rule of dating women, regardless of age, is respect. You should not treat a lady like an Las Vegas escort and expect the same respect to be given back to you. Even if you do not plan to date them, you should still treat them with respect.


Younger women who date people older than them usually have the tendency to rely on their partner to be their guide since they feel that older men usually have more experience than the guys their age. Most of the boys that are the same age as them do not usually have the same level of maturity and do not listen to the women that is why they tend to rely on someone older.

Actively listening to younger women gives them assurance and offers them the feeling of safety when around much more responsible people. Show them that you are interested and not only there to wait for your turn to talk.

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Dating someone younger than you means having to deal with some petty issues along the way. There are just some things that younger women still would not understand, that is why you need to be patient. But do not be afraid to call them out on any behavior that is bordering on being toxic. Still know the difference between behaviors that can be tolerated over toxicity.

Have fun

When you date someone younger, their energy levels are higher as compared to yours. They’d want to enjoy life as much as possible while they are young. It does not necessarily mean that you should join her in every activity she enjoys doing, but rather, you should not stop her from enjoying her youth. You’re dating her as she is, not as a substitute for a wife, mother, escort, or nanny that should just attend to your needs. Allow them to explore more and experience things before she settles down and be unable to live her life at the fullest. That should also inspire you to take life lightly and have fun while it lasts.

All in all

Dating younger women is not easy. It may look like it since they were born later than you, but they could also be as mature as you are. They may seem gullible, but they are not naive to red flags and are capable enough to cut-off people who do not deserve their attention. As long as you treat them like a real woman, which every woman deserves at any age, then you will definitely get a woman that is worth keeping and eventually marry if you both hit it off.