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We created New Kind for every parent — current and future — who has ever felt overwhelmed by the newborn phase.

We’ve been there. We know what it’s like to feel the incredible joy of a new baby,
coupled with the buzzing anxiety and exhaustion of trying to figure it all out. Yes, you can do this. But you don’t have to do it alone.

A new kind of support has finally arrived.

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Not a hotline. Not a course. Not a PDF. Get matched with your expert and lean on them for anything, anytime — over text, call, or video.

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We have certified expertise in postpartum recovery & wellness, newborn care, lactation, sleep, and nutrition so you can spend your time bonding instead of researching.

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You’re navigating one of the biggest transitions of your life. We’ll be by your side to provide emotional support, friendship, and encouragement every step of the way.

A new kind of support

I’m building New Kind after my own personal experience working with Beth, an incredible postpartum doula, after my daughter Lola was born in March 2020.

Despite my attempts at being super prepared for Lola’s arrival, I found myself extremely overwhelmed with questions once I took her home from the hospital — falling into google click holes while exhausted at 2am — which only added to my anxiety.

Then I was introduced to a postpartum doula named Beth. I found myself texting her a new “is this normal?” question every day. And she just knew the answer. Instantly. No need to look it up or crowdsource opinions from everyone I knew. “Yep, that’s normal!” Or “Why don’t you guys try this, and if that doesn’t work, try this.” 

Beth has “boots on the ground” knowledge, working in the homes of new parents as a postpartum doula and night nanny for decades. Having a relationship with Beth dramatically improved my experience as a new mom by reducing my anxiety and giving me confidence in myself as a parent. 

My team and I are building New Kind because we believe all parents should have a fairy godmother like Beth. It’s okay to not know everything or feel like you’re second guessing yourself. In those moments, New Kind will bring you thoughtful advice and peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy more time doing what matters most as a family, making memories.

Lauren, Founder

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For every path to parenthood.
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