How we choose our doulas

It takes more than just a couple years of experience to be a dedicated New Kind postpartum doula. Learn about our vetting process.

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To be a New Kind postpartum doula, you must  have more than just a passion for newborns and their families. We’ve received hundreds of applications, so how do we choose?

Our doulas are certified

In order to join our team as a dedicated postpartum doula, candidates must have completed a postpartum doula training course and received their certification. DONA and CAPPA are two examples of organizations our doulas are certified through. Becoming a certified postpartum doula is no easy feat. It typically requires completing a training course, hours of hands-on experience working with families, letters of recommendation from families and practitioners, proof of child and infant CPR certification, completing a related reading list, and passing a multiple choice and essay exam. This is not something you can complete in a day or two — it takes passion and dedication to become a certified postpartum doula.

Additional specialties

In addition to being a certified postpartum doula, our team members are trained and/or certified in at least one other specialty as well, such as: Birth Doula, Lactation Consultant or IBCLC, National Board Certified Health Coach, Nutrition Coach, Sleep Consultant, and more.We match families with the right doula based on their needs. If a family ever needs to tap into additional specialties on our doula team, they have unlimited access to our entire team – not just their own dedicated doula. 

Years of experience 

Our team has over 70 years of combined experience and has supported a combined 800 families before even joining our team. We look for candidates who have had at least 3 years of in-person experience working with at least 20 families before considering them for an initial screening call.

Wizards at virtual care

While in-person experience is essential to ensure candidates have the foundation to support our families at New Kind, we are a virtual postpartum service. So,o during our interview process, candidates must complete a mock texting round where we provide them with real questions from parents, and see how they’re able to answer within a set time period. In this phase of the interview, we measure not only for knowledge and accuracy, but also empathy, passion, and tone of voice. This combination of skills is quite rare, and it’s what sets our doulas apart from the crowd. 

Team mindset

At New Kind, we greatly value a team approach. Our doulas help to mentor and support one another, so it’s important that the team also meet and weigh in on each candidate before they join. That’s why each candidate must also pass a skill-based assessment via video call with at least two members of our doula team. 

Compassionate and obsessed with the details

At New Kind, this is how we describe ourselves: compassionate and obsessed with the details. We truly care about each and every one of our families. We want to know how their babies slept, how their doctors appointments went, and how feeding is going. We look for individuals who describe themselves this way as well so that we can provide you and your family the best care possible :)

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