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My New Kind expert was part sleep consultant, part lactation consultant, part baby product expert, part cheerleader, and part therapist!

— Martina, first-time mom
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Your own dedicated expert who is a certified postpartum doula and trained in lactation, infant sleep, newborn care, and more.
A direct line to your expert — via text, call, or video — for the duration of your membership.
Proactive, caring support from your expert throughout your journey.
Free newborn care education, childbirth prep, and help with your registry during your pregnancy.

The New Kind Experience

Preparing for baby's arrival

Childbirth and and postpartum recovery

Creating a postpartum support plan

Product recommendations and registry review

Newborn Care 101

Breastfeeding 101

Transitioning to your new role

Physical healing from birth

Supporting your mental health

Lactation and feeding support

Newborn care support

Wellness and nutrition

Establishing family routines

Building your confidence and knowledge

Personalized feeding and sleep schedules

Lactation and feeding support

Newborn care support

Product recommendations

Finding your rhythm

Empowering you and your decisions for your family

Getting longer stretches of sleep

Planning for a return to work

Newborn care, sleep, and feeding support

Navigating the next phase of baby’s development

Take on the newborn stage with real support

Feel prepared

Get free support during your pregnancy so you can head into this amazing stage of life with a true support system.

Reduce stress

Emotional support, practical advice, or just proactively checking in on you — we do whatever it takes to reduce your stress during this major life transition.

Get more rest

From feeding and sleep schedules to getting fast answers, we help you maximize your time for resting and bonding with your baby.

Feel empowered

Having a sounding board you trust helps you build confidence and find your rhythm.

Some of our happy parents

Stress-free routine building

I’m such a routine person and Type A, so one of the hardest thing about the newborn stage for me is that there’s no routine. Bedtime stresses me out because every night is different. My newborn expert Beth helped me get as much of a routine as I could.

Maddie D & Baby Louisa

A single trusted source

I didn’t realize how many questions I would have. As soon as you have your baby, your whole world is going to change and there are so many unknowns and figuring out a schedule is so much harder than it sounds.

Talia S & Baby Charlie

Like a coach into parenthood

Having our newborn expert Beth has been life changing. You need help, you need someone to tell you what’s going on. She hasn’t only been there to tell us what’s going on, she’s been there to tell us how to fix it.

Juliana M, Louis M, & Baby Domenica

Not a course. Not an app. Not a hotline.

Get matched with a real human with years of experience and certified expertise. All of our experts are:
Get matched with a real human with years of experience and certified expertise. All of our experts are:
Certified postpartum doulas
Lactation and feeding specialists
Infant sleep experts
Newborn care experts
Baby product gurus

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