Rina Brulé

Postpartum Doula

Rina is a certified postpartum doula with a special interest in supporting parents and partners through perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, traumatic birth experiences, and pregnancy loss. Rina has two young daughters of her own and brings a warm, charismatic, and understanding approach to her support.

Friends describe her as warm, outgoing, nurturing, funny, and genuine
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Why did you decide to become a postpartum doula?

I felt really scared and lonely during my daughter's first year of life, even though my husband and I were so ready to start a family. I couldn't believe postpartum was SO hard, that no one gave me a legit heads up about it, and that no one was talking about it honestly, period. That first year of my daughter's life I really leaned on my community and gained so much strength from connecting with people going through the same challenges as me. I decided to leave my career in sustainability to support others in the postpartum phase and it has been incredibly healing and rewarding.

What do you love the most about supporting families in the postpartum period?

I love being able to give families some relief - physically, emotionally, and mentally. We don't grow up in villages like we used to, when tips, tricks and knowledge were passed down from generation to generation. Being able to normalize infant behavior, put a parent's worries at ease, or offer a trick that makes things just a little easier is the best feeling.

Why are you most excited to work at New Kind?

The pandemic has changed everything, so it makes sense that our support model should change as well. I'm excited to be able to reach more families and make postpartum care more accessible.

Your favorite thing about the work you do?

Connecting with families and really getting to know them!

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