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My experience has been great!

My experience with my postpartum doula Ashleigh has been great! She's really knowledgeable and supportive. It's nice to have her expertise outside of all the other people giving advice in the parenting realm. She is truly a gem and I'm so grateful to have her.
Hannah H.
Verified Reviewer
3 / 1 / 22

I love this service

I love New Kind's service and my expert Rina. She really understands how to connect with postpartum moms. When I have questions, Rina sends very credible and thorough advice, so I don't have to sift through tons of articles. It's so helpful to have someone distill all of the information out there for you. I wish New Kind had been around when I had my first baby.
Lauren L.
Verified Reviewer
2 / 16 / 22

Gained confidence as a mom

Working with New Kind changed my experience as a new mom for the better. When you first become a new mom everything is new and confusing and you just want to do the right thing. Having my expert Sumati by my side not only gave me confidence but it also gave me so much knowledge. I was able to work with her through my son's sleep regression, growing out of the swaddle, and so much more! New Kind gave me their time, energy, and knowledge to grow and learn as a new mom.
Sarah A.
Verified Reviewer
1 / 31 / 22

The professional resource you need

My expert Hali was beyond resourceful, not only in answering my questions but providing great insights and guidance for each week of my baby's development. It was great having a professional answer the questions you may have otherwise asked a a friend. As a second-time mom, I was surprised that I had much different questions and needed new answers. Baby #2 had issues with taking bottles, which I hadn't experienced before. Hali helped me find new ways to introduce bottles to her. She also sent me schedules to stick to which was helpful in getting her into a routine.
Helene S.
Verified Reviewer
1 / 11 / 22

Terrified to Confident FTM

I went from a terrified first time mom fresh out of a month long NICU stay to feeling like I wasn’t totally on my own thanks to Hali. After just one month of working with New Kind, I felt like I had a solid knowledge resource and I didn't have to do endless research for one question. I could just go to one place and feel confident in the answer. You can’t place a price on peace of mind, especially for a FTM.
Leslie C.
Verified Reviewer
1 / 5 / 22

Eased my concerns and fears

My expert Hali gave a listening ear to all my concerns and fears and has been exceptional in guiding me through it all. As a first time mom I nearly slipped into postpartum depression, but with help from Hali I was able to regain my strength and cater to my baby who was colicky and wouldn't sleep through the night. I will highly recommend New Kind to my friends and will use New Kind again with my next pregnancy to postpartum.
Maimuna S.
Verified Reviewer
12 / 11 / 21

Reassurance through the first few weeks

I felt much so much more at ease caring for my baby with the advice from Hali. New Kind reassured me in those the first few weeks when I was worried whether what I was doing was right. Being a second time mom after 6 years, I needed the reassurance and I am so thankful for New Kind and its service. Hali has helped me with establishing good sleep routines, getting back to work, breastfeeding issues and establishing pumping routines.
Fiona O.
Verified Reviewer
12 / 08 / 21

Objective 3rd party perspective

It was so valuable to have a totally objective 3rd party person for me to talk to and get advice from...not my mom or mother-in-law. My expert clearly had such a wealth of experience, so it was easy for her to say whether something my baby was experiencing was normal or not. When I had an issue, she was able to tell me exactly what to try.
Hannah J.
Verified Reviewer
12 / 06 / 21

Virtual support was amazing

My expert Barbara was simply the best! I didn't know how much support I was going to get from a virtual doula since it sounded a bit unusual. To my surprise I was given Barbara who completely changed my mind. She was such a sweet, thoughtful, caring, supportive, full of knowledge person. The virtual support from Barbara worked better than if I had someone in my home. Being just a text away was so great.
Selma M.
Verified Reviewer
12 / 03 / 21
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