newborn Consultation

Newborn Sleep Consult: 0 to 16 Weeks

45 min
Video or phone consultation

About the Consult

Learn how to help your baby sleep longer stretches at night and build good sleep habits during the newborn phase. Our newborn sleep specialists are here to help your whole family get more rest.

As with all of our consults, you can come with a list of questions or hand the reins to us! Here are some of the most common ways our families use their time:

Newborn Sleep Basics

An overview of newborn sleep patterns and how they change in the first 4 months of life 

Sleep for Parents

Tips for sharing responsibilities and building routines that allow each parent to maximize their sleep (yes, even breastfeeding parents!) 


Understanding how and when it’s possible to get your baby on schedule, along with age-appropriate sample schedules 

Sleep Environment

Where baby should sleep, when to move to a crib, and tips for finding a setup that works for your family (including our suggestions regarding the SNOO!) 


How to master this game-changing technique to help your baby get more sleep

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