The 4th Trimester with Your Baby

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Baby Swaddles

These pre-made baby swaddles are all very easy for new parents to use. They are made of a stretchy, breathable fabric that allows you to swaddle your baby snuggly (not too loose or too tight). Swaddling triggers a calming reflex in babies which helps babies relax and fall asleep more easily. The American Academy of Pediatrics doesn't recommend the use of blankets for babies, so sleep sacks and swaddles are a great alternative to keep your baby safe, cozy, and warm.

Halo SleepSack
Happiest Baby Sleepea
Miracle Blanket
ErgoBaby Swaddle

Skin to Skin “Pouches”

This “band” helps promote skin to skin while securely keeping the baby on your body. It can be used in the hospital immediately after birth as well as at home.


Sound Machines

White noise or sound machines help to create a comfortable, womb-like environment that help to calm babies and also counteract other competing noises in the home.

Yogasleep Dohm

Portable Sound Machines

This portable sound machine is great for walks, car rides or other travel!

Baby Shusher Soother

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