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The shape of the nipple is important when determining the best options for a breastfed baby. Certain bottles can cause “straw sucking” where the baby’s mouth closes around the tip of the nipple and does not promote a deep latch. These suggested bottles offer the most ideal nipple shape. If you are using another bottle and it seems to be working for your baby, no need to change. Avoid nipple preference by starting with the lowest nipple level that has the slowest flow available and then adjust accordingly.

Dr.Brown’s Natural Flow
Joovy Boob


Choosing a pump can be difficult. There are currently 142 pumps that have been cleared by the FDA. Shockingly, that clearance process does not involve actually testing on humans though. The 2 categories are single user or multi-user. Which type of pump is determined by the manufacturer and not the FDA. It's really about how many hours each pump can handle.  Pumps are medical devices and can fail or the motor can wear out. They really only last for one year of back to work pumping. If you see a dip in milk output with your pump the first thing to do is to make sure the pump is working properly.

If you are planning on exclusively pumping it's important to choose a pump that can handle many hours of use. The best options are in order:

Spectra Gold
Spectra S1 Plus
Spectra S2 Plus
Baby Buddha

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