Here’s what families are saying about New Kind.

My experience has been great!

My experience with my postpartum doula Ashleigh has been great! She's really knowledgeable and supportive. It's nice to have her expertise outside of all the other people giving advice in the parenting realm. She is truly a gem and I'm so grateful to have her.
Hannah H.
Verified Reviewer
3 / 1 / 22

I love this service!

I love New Kind's service and my expert Rina. She really understands how to connect with postpartum moms. When I have questions, Rina sends very credible and thorough advice, so I don't have to sift through tons of articles. It's so helpful to have someone distill all of the information out there for you. I wish New Kind had been around when I had my first baby

Lauren L.
Verified Reviewer
2 / 16 / 22

Gained confidence as a mom

Working with New Kind changed my experience as a new mom for the better. When you first become a new mom everything is new and confusing and you just want to do the right thing. Having my expert Sumati by my side not only gave me confidence but it also gave me so much knowledge. I was able to work with her through my son's sleep regression, growing out of the swaddle, and so much more! New Kind gave me their time, energy, and knowledge to grow and learn as a new mom.

Sarah A.
Verified Reviewer
1 / 31 / 22

The professional resource you need

My expert Hali was beyond resourceful, not only in answering my questions but providing great insights and guidance for each week of my baby's development. It was great having a professional answer the questions you may have otherwise asked a a friend. As a second-time mom, I was surprised that I had much different questions and needed new answers. Baby #2 had issues with taking bottles, which I hadn't experienced before. Hali helped me find new ways to introduce bottles to her. She also sent me schedules to stick to which was helpful in getting her into a routine.
Helene S.
Verified Reviewer
1 / 11 / 22

Terrified to Confident FTM

I went from a terrified first time mom fresh out of a month long NICU stay to feeling like I wasn’t totally on my own thanks to Hali. After just one month of working with New Kind, I felt like I had a solid knowledge resource and I didn't have to do endless research for one question. I could just go to one place and feel confident in the answer. You can’t place a price on peace of mind, especially for a FTM.
Leslie C.
Verified Reviewer
1 /5/ 22

A must have for all first-time moms

As a first-time mom, it has been so amazing to have access to my doula whenever I need it. I can text, email, or FaceTime her to ask any question I might have. When I was expecting I was able to take childbirth classes, lactation class, and newborn care class for me and my partner that helped me feel super prepared for our little ones arrival.
Cara W.
Verified Reviewer
12 / 31 / 21

My experts guidance was crucial

My expert Beth has been amazing! I thought months 4-7 were way more challenging than 0-3 so having her guidance was crucial. Teething, sleep regression, solids, boob flu and Maeve's first time being sick were no joke. Beth was always there with idea, advice, encouragement and her check-ins were timely and appreciated.
Leslie C.
Verified Reviewer
12 / 15 / 21

Eased my concerns and fears

My expert Hali gave a listening ear to all my concerns and fears and has been exceptional in guiding me through it all. As a first time mom, I nearly slipped into postpartum depression but with help from Hali I was able to regain my strength and cater to my baby who was colicky and wouldn't sleep through the night. I will highly recommend New Kind to my friends and will use New Kind again with my next pregnancy to postpartum.
Maimuna S.
Verified Reviewer
12 / 11 / 21

Reassurance through the first few weeks

I felt much so much more at ease caring for my baby with the advice from Hali. New Kind reassured me in those the first few weeks when I was worried if what I was doing was right. Being a second time mom after 6 years, I needed the reassurance. I am so thankful for New Kind and its service. Hali has helped me with establishing good sleep routines, getting back to work, breastfeeding issues and establishing pumping routines.
Fiona O.
Verified Reviewer
12 / 8 / 21

Objective 3rd party perspective

It was so valuable to have a totally objective 3rd party person for me to talk to and get advice from...not my mom or mother-in-law. My expert clearly had such a wealth of experience, so it was easy for her to say whether something my baby was experiencing was normal or not. When I had an issue, she was able to tell me exactly what to try.
Hannah J.
Verified Reviewer
12 / 6 / 21

Virtual support was amazing

My expert Barbara was simply the best! I didn't know how much support I was going to get from a virtual doula since it sounded a bit unusual. To my surprise I was given Barbara who completely changed my mind. She was such a sweet, thoughtful, caring, supportive, full of knowledge person. The virtual support from Barbara worked better than if I had someone in my home. Being just a text away was so great.
Selma M.
Verified Reviewer
12 / 3 / 21

Access to the most experienced experts

It was invaluable having access to my own dedicated expert who had hands on-experience with so many parents. Since she really has seen it all, she was able to recommend approaches that she had seen work for parents who were experiencing the same issues as me. It was always reassuring to hear from Beth that my struggles were normal.
Lindsay C.
Verified Reviewer
12 / 1 / 21

The resource you need

New Kind is the resource that you don’t know that you need until you have it. I felt so prepared and so confident ahead of giving birth, but once the rubber meets the road, you need a quick reliable source that knows what the heck they’re talking about, who is not the mommy bloggers, not the Google doctor.
Nancy F.
Verified Reviewer
11 / 30 / 21

The best sleep advice

I had so much trouble with napping. Sometimes my whole day would be rocking him to sleep. My expert Beth and I had a lot of conversations about it over phone and text. When a technique didn’t work, she would come up with another one to try instead. We landed on a routine that allowed my baby to put himself to sleep. His naps got better immediately!

Allie P.
Verified Reviewer
11 / 24 / 21

Felt like I had been rescued

I stumbled onto New Kind during a late-night, fear-induced Google rabbit hole when my baby was about 7 weeks old, and it felt like I had been rescued. New Kind is like having a personal mentor for motherhood. Hali is part sleep consultant, part lactation consultant, part baby product expert, part cheerleader, and part therapist! We have a constant text thread going where I know I can always jump in at any time to ask her anything, big or small. I text her about my wins (and frustrations) and it's nice having someone to share those with who has full context for everything happening with my baby.
Martina F.
Verified Reviewer
11 / 17 / 21

A lifesaver during first weeks of motherhood

Beth was such a lifesaver in the first few weeks. She was patient, kind, and extremely knowledgeable. She was the perfect mix of educational and encouraging. In general, most of the time as a new parent you just want to know "is this normal" and Beth was such a great sounding board for all of our questions.
Elaine Z.
Verified Reviewer
11 / 15 / 21

My own baby expert on speed dial

I felt supported and relieved to have an expert I could reach out to and troubleshoot any issues I thought my baby may be having. New Kind was like having a baby expert on speed dial. My expert Fallon had recommendations that I never would have thought of. It kept me from going down rabbit holes in google that would not have been helpful. She gave me confidence that I was making the right choices for my baby.
Nicole B.
Verified Reviewer
11 / 08 / 21

I became a better mom

Working with my expert Beth and New Kind made me into a better mom. I was in touch with her multiple times a day working on sleep schedules and breastfeeding when my daughter was first born. She clearly cares about you and your baby and wants to see you succeed and be happy through this journey of motherhood. My daughter Mila is now 7 months old. She sleeps 12 hours every night and is an amazing napper thanks to Beth.
Lyuba G.
Verified Reviewer
11 / 05 / 21

Your own newborn + breastfeeding guru

Motherhood is hard and it takes a village. You need a guru to help with all the things that pop up. Hali cheers me on and helps guide me through each step. I don't produce enough milk to breastfeed exclusively, but she helps me maximize what I can produce. She came up with a pumping schedule that is realistic and keeps me on track through her proactive check-ins.
Deirdre W.
Verified Reviewer
11 / 04 / 21

Reassurance through the struggle of new parenthood

My postpartum doula Fallon assured my partner and I that what our baby was going through was normal and helped us figure out how we could help and comfort her. I felt seen and supported in the struggle that is new parenthood. It was like having 24/7 support for all the random questions you'd ask google but without the terrifying results. Working with Fallon assured me that I was crushing it as a parent even when the hard days come.
Jenna S.
Verified Reviewer
10 / 06 / 21

The support I needed

After just one week of working with Fallon I felt so much less anxious about being a first time mom and feeling like I had to do everything "perfect." She gave me the perfect blend of reassurance, support and advice in all the areas I was struggling with. From what car seat would help my little one with reflux, to breastfeeding to creating a bedtime routine and learning about wake windows, she really gave me the support and information I needed in the kindest and most empowering way.  I still felt like I had a real relationship with my doula as if we were in person with the convenience of video and text.
Nina A.
Verified Reviewer
10 / 01 / 21

Game changer for new moms

Fallon completely changed the motherhood game for me. I was no longer always on edge and worrying about every little thing because I knew I had her a text message or call a way to reassure me or give me guidance on whatever I needed. Everything from is this poop normal to helping my breastfeed daughter accept a bottle. Being a new mom is really scary, but now instead of googling and worrying, I get to spend my time soaking up baby cuddles because I know I have Fallon available to me to help with whatever it is that I need.
Kara D.
Verified Reviewer
09 / 24 / 21

Felt more confident and reassured

It was amazing having someone proactively check-in on me. I felt reassured and heard. Hali was very thorough when offering advice and made me feel confident. She was willing to work on coming up with a plan for each of my needs. In particular, all of the sleep advice I got from her was invaluable.
Alejandra L.
Verified Reviewer
09 / 22 / 21

What I thought it would be and more

New Kind has been more than I expected because my newborn expert Beth will reach out and check in on me. It’s really helpful that she’s proactive. Sometimes it feels too good to be true. You can really ask at any time? You can ask whatever? It seems like the value is more than what I’m paying for it
Erika S.
Verified Reviewer
09 / 16 / 21

I was second guessing everything

Knowing we had Barbara as a resource was such a relief. We have someone we can ask questions to. We have support and we are going to be okay. My husband and I have been very team-oriented during this process and we feel like we had another member on our team, which has been so helpful. As a first-time mom it has made it so much easier to figure things out.
Heather D.
Verified Reviewer
09 / 15 / 21

It helped put my wife at ease

...and I can’t ever do that. Our baby Charlie is such a good baby and things that we thought were going to be really, really hard kind of became seamless. It worked right from the beginning.
Adam S.
Verified Reviewer
09 / 14 / 21

Having Beth has been life changing

It is like having a coach into motherhood. You need help, you need someone to tell you what’s going on. She hasn’t only been there to tell me what’s going on, she’s been there to tell me how to fix it,  how to get through it or a suggestion of what I can do. Teaching me how to be a mom to a newborn, which is so hard.
Juliana M.
Verified Reviewer
09 / 13 / 21

Answered a million little things

Hali has helped me answer a million little things from diaper rash to how much he should eat to whether or not I should show something to the doctor. New Kind is like virtual postpartum doula available anytime you have questions, no matter how small or stupid. Because it's a subscription you don't hesitate to reach out versus someone you may pay hourly
Meredith W.
Verified Reviewer
09 / 12 / 21

I'm not alone!

I had so much relief after my intro call with my newborn expert, Beth.. Like omg I’m not totally in this alone right now. As the day goes on you get tired. As the night comes you get that anxious pit in your stomach. But now, there’s someone experienced who is helping me through this. I’m not just going to rely on Google to get my answers anymore.
Maddie D.
Verified Reviewer
09 / 11 / 21

Someone on my team I could trust

Before, I couldn't figure out a breastfeeding schedule. The lactation consultant was saying one thing and the pediatrician was saying another. I didn’t know who I should listen to, what website I should go to or what I should do. I just decided, my newborn expert Beth is a professional. She's been doing this forever, I'm just gonna ask her what to do and do what she says.
Talia S.
Verified Reviewer
09 / 10 / 21

Eased my fears big time

After my call with Hali, I felt really good and knew I wasn't in this not alone! New Kind is perfect for someone who might have anxiety about being a new parent and has a lot of questions about their baby.
Devon S.
Verified Reviewer
09 / 09 / 21

Highly recommend!

I would recommend my postpartum doula Barabara to anyone! She was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable talking to her! She didn't make me feel like a failure because my son wouldn't sleep, she listened and gave my family some new techniques to try. She was great about checking in proactively and really seemed to care about how we were doing.
Madi H.
Verified Reviewer
09 / 08 / 21

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