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Certified infant sleep specialists
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Guiding new parents
through every baby step

No more Google spirals or waiting for a callback from the pediatrician. Your dedicated expert is there to support you through anything, any time.

How New Kind Works

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You can start small, start big, or even add New Kind to your registry.

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We’ll match you with the perfect expert for your family, and you’ll get to know them on a video call.

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Ask your expert anything—really, anything! They’ll also reach out regularly to see how you’re doing.
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“I can’t imagine being a mom without Beth’s help.”
Talia, New Kind customer

What’s Included

Unlimited Texting and Calls

Text anytime or schedule unlimited video or phone calls with your expert. We also have backup support in the event that your expert isn’t available.

Personalized Sleep and Feeding Resources

Eat, sleep, repeat! We provide schedules, routines, and product recommendations to help you find your rhythm.

Access to Specialists

Our team includes specialists in lactation, infant sleep, and postpartum nutrition to bring you the most relevant and personalized care.

Who are New Kind’s experts?

Certified postpartum doulas (a.k.a. baby whisperers) with years of in-home experience supporting families

Barbara Heid

“I love providing nurturing guidance and compassionate care to parents during this profound time in their lives so that they may experience greater confidence and joy in their new roles, and with their newborn.”

DONA International Birth and Postpartum Doula Certification

Hali Shields

“It takes a village! I love easing the transition into parenthood while building confidence, comfort, and peace of mind.”

Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula

Fallon Regan

“I’m a mother, full-spectrum doula, and certified lactation counselor. My practice is rooted in empathy, open communication, & transparency. I believe that anything is possible with a strong support system, a well-balanced mind, & determination!”

ToLabor trained Professional Birth, Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor

Beth Killion

“As the mother of four children, I bring a calm, soothing presence to my work. I’m passionate about working with families of newborns and it is my goal to provide them with loving, practical support. ”

Certified through Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA)
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Our happy families

What I thought it would be and more

New Kind has been more than I expected because my newborn expert Beth will reach out and check in on me. It’s really helpful that she’s proactive. Sometimes it feels too good to be true. You can really ask at any time? You can ask whatever? It seems like the value is more than what I’m paying for it,
Erika S.
Verified Reviewer
09 / 16 / 21

Knowing we had Barbara was such a relief

We have someone we can ask questions to. We have support and we are going to be okay. My husband and I have been very team-oriented during this process and we feel like we had another member on our team, which has been so helpful. As a first-time mom it has made it so much easier to figure things out.
Heather D.
Verified Reviewer
09 / 15 / 21

It worked right from the beginning

It helped put my wife at ease... and I can’t ever do that. Our baby Charlie is such a good baby and things that we thought were going to be really, really hard kind of became seamless.
Adam S.
Verified Reviewer
09 / 14 / 21

Working with Beth has been life changing

It is like having a coach into motherhood. You need help, you need someone to tell you what’s going on. She hasn’t only been there to tell me what’s going on, she’s been there to tell me how to fix it, how to get through it or a suggestion of what I can do. Teaching me how to be a mom to a newborn, which is so hard.
Juliana M.
Verified Reviewer
09 / 13 / 21

Helped me answer a million little things

Hali has helped me with everything from diaper rash to how much he should eat to whether or not I should show something to the doctor. New Kind is like virtual postpartum doula available anytime you have questions, no matter how small or stupid. Because it's a subscription you don't hesitate to reach out versus someone you may pay hourly.
Meredith W.
Verified Reviewer
09 / 12 / 21

Less worry, more joy

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